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Bar-None Glass

Bear Quartz x Mood Mat - Voodoo Bear

Bear Quartz x Mood Mat - Voodoo Bear

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  • Eco-Friendly Dabbing with Style
  • Protect Your Gear in Style
  • Artistic Dab Mats for Enthusiasts
  • Bear Quartz x Moodmats: Unique Designs
  • Durable, Stylish Dab Mats


Voodoo Bear Design: A Blend of Art and Functionality: The Voodoo Bear design is more than just a logo; it's a statement. Featuring the iconic Bear Quartz logo with a patchwork finish, this dab mat stands out with its artistic flair. It's perfect for those who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics in their dabbing accessories. This mat is not just a tool; it's a piece of art that reflects your unique style and personality.

Shock-Absorbent Rubber for Safety and Durability: Crafted from high-quality, shock-absorbent rubber, this dab mat is designed to protect your valuable glassware and tools. The durable material ensures that your items are safe from scratches and damage, while also preventing any slipping incidents during use. The Bear Quartz x moodmats Dab Mat is not just an accessory; it's a safeguard for your investment in quality dabbing equipment.

Sustainable Upcycling with a Purpose: The Bear Quartz x moodmats Dab Mat, featuring the unique Voodoo Bear design, is a testament to eco-conscious innovation. As the world's first neoprene upcycling company, moodmats takes pride in transforming clean donations into exceptional dab mats. This collaboration not only offers a stylish accessory for your dabbing needs but also plays a crucial role in reducing environmental impact by keeping reusable materials out of landfills.

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