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Bar-None Glass

V Syndicate High Def 3D Wood Rolling Tray

V Syndicate High Def 3D Wood Rolling Tray

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  • V Syndicate: Artistry in Motion
  • Elevate Every Roll: Smoky Nights
  • 3D Mastery: Wood Rolling Tray
  • Sensory Experience: V Syndicate Tray
  • Roll with Elegance: 3D Tray


Dive into Visual Wonder Witness a transformation in your rolling session with the "Smoky Nights" edition of the V Syndicate High Def 3D Wood Rolling Tray. It's not merely a tray—it's an artistic masterpiece. Every intricate detail in the 3D moving image paints a tale, capturing the essence of an elusive figure engulfed by a cascade of radiant colors. This tray is more than just an accessory; it's an experience that immerses your senses, turning routine sessions into memorable moments.

Craftsmanship Meets Functionality Each V Syndicate rolling tray is a symbol of masterful craftsmanship. Made with premium wood, the tray offers a tactile sensation that resonates with nature lovers. The addition of tempered glass not only amplifies its luxurious aura but also serves as a guardian against scratches and daily wear. And with the assurance of a non-slip velvet bottom, your rolling endeavors remain steadfast and smooth, devoid of interruptions.

Designed for Every Enthusiast Whether you're navigating the intricate world of rolling or have mastered the craft, this tray is your steadfast companion. Beyond its functionality, the "Smoky Nights" theme interweaves art and purpose, offering a conversation piece that seamlessly merges with any decor. It's not just a tray—it's a reflection of a discerning choice for those who embrace both form and function.

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