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Bar-None Glass

V-Syndicate "Couch Lock" Glass Rolling Tray

V-Syndicate "Couch Lock" Glass Rolling Tray

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  • Rolling in Cosmic Style
  • Elevate Sessions: Couch Lock Tray
  • Space Meets Sleek: Glass Tray
  • Stellar Rolls with V-Syndicate
  • Galactic Vibes: Rolling Essential


Dive into Cosmic Imagery The V-Syndicate "Couch Lock" Glass Rolling Tray isn't just a utility—it's a journey through space and time. Enveloped in a backdrop of twinkling stars and galaxies, it showcases iconic characters that resonate with pop culture aficionados. Every glance at this tray evokes memories of those relaxed, transcendent moments, turning every session into a celestial experience.

Beyond Beauty: Robust & Reliable Crafted with precision and passion, the tray boasts of premium-quality glass that stands as a testament to its durability. With its shatter-resistant property, it promises both safety and longevity. The sleek, polished surface not only exudes elegance but also ensures a seamless rolling affair—each time, every time. Coupled with its vivid and playful graphics, it’s both a functional and aesthetic marvel.

Designed for Every Occasion Whether it's a quiet evening or a buzzing group session, this tray is your go-to companion. Its practical size is a perfect fit for diverse settings. And post-session cleanup? It's a breeze. The tray's easy-to-wipe surface ensures it remains in mint condition, ready to shine at every gathering.

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