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Bar-None Glass

Shroom Planet in Space Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid

Shroom Planet in Space Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid

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  • Shroom Planet: A Cosmic Rolling Experience
  • Elevate Your Roll: Mystical Space Tray
  • Space, Shrooms & Stellar Sessions
  • Cosmic Crafting: 'Shroom Planet' Rolling Magic
  • Mystic Mushroom Galaxy: Rolling in Style


Enchanting Cosmic Design Step into a world of celestial wonder with the "Shroom Planet in Space" Rolling Tray. Every inch of this tray exudes artistry, featuring a mystic mushroom planet set against the vast expanse of a glittering cosmos. The intricate details and vibrant colors pull you into an interstellar journey, making every session an ethereal experience.

Premium Build & Magnetic Magic Crafted meticulously with top-grade materials, this tray promises both longevity and functionality. Beyond its visual appeal, it houses a magnetic lid - a design genius to ensure your herbs and rolling accessories stay in place. This feature guarantees protection from external factors, maintaining the freshness and integrity of your contents. Whether you're at home or on-the-go, your essentials remain safe and secure.

Beyond Just a Tray The "Shroom Planet in Space" isn't just a rolling tray; it's a narrative of otherworldly beauty. It serves as a bridge between the functional aspect of rolling and the aesthetic pleasure of art. Making it a part of your collection doesn't just elevate your sessions; it showcases your appreciation for art and design.

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