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Bar-None Glass

RAW Zombie Rolling Tray

RAW Zombie Rolling Tray

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  • RAW's Eerie Zombie Rolling Experience
  • Zombie Art Meets Rolling Precision
  • The Ultimate Collector's Rolling Tray
  • Chillingly Artistic Rolling Sessions
  • Undead and Artistic: RAW's Creation


The RAW Authentic Zombie Rolling Tray doesn't just serve as a platform for your rolling sessions – it's an experience, a visual journey through a post-apocalyptic world captured in all its haunting beauty.

Artistry of the Apocalypse

  • Tales of the Undead: This isn't just any rolling tray; it's a canvas that vividly portrays the gripping world of zombies. The brilliant design, set against a dramatic scene of desolate landscapes and stormy skies, promises a conversation starter at every use.
  • Crafted to Perfection: Constructed from superior-grade metal, it's not just about the looks. This tray promises longevity, ensuring that it remains your faithful rolling companion through many a spooky night.
  • Space and Precision: Generously spacious, every inch of this tray is designed to enhance your rolling experience. The expertly designed edges promise zero spills, making your sessions smooth and mess-free.

Collector's Haunting Delight A limited-edition marvel, this tray is a part of RAW's coveted series, making it a must-have for those who value exclusivity and art. It stands as a testament to what happens when function meets impeccable artwork.

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