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Bar-None Glass

RAW Authentic X Ghostshrimp #3 Authentic Large Rolling Tray

RAW Authentic X Ghostshrimp #3 Authentic Large Rolling Tray

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  • RAW X Ghostshrimp: Where Artistry Rolls
  • Roll in Style with RAW X Ghostshrimp
  • A Rolling Tray Like No Other
  • Elevate Your Rolling Ritual
  • Limited-Edition Artistic Rolling Tray


A Canvas of Creativity Blend functionality with aesthetics as you engage in your rolling routine. The RAW Authentic X Ghostshrimp 3 Authentic Large Rolling Tray isn't just another accessory – it's where premium utility meets artistic innovation. Whether you're a seasoned roller or just starting out, this tray promises an experience that marries ease with elegance.

Art Meets Utility

  • Signature Designs: The enchanting Ghostshrimp artwork that graces this tray isn't merely decorative. Every intricate design element narrates a tale, inviting you into a world of imagination with each use.
  • Built to Last: Meticulously molded from superior metal, this tray stands the test of time, warding off wear and tear with panache.
  • Space in Abundance: Generously sized, this tray ensures that you have ample room to accommodate all your rolling accompaniments, providing a seamless and clutter-free experience.

Exclusive Fusion Proudly presenting a synthesis of two stalwarts, this tray embodies the essence of RAW's unparalleled quality and Ghostshrimp's unparalleled artistry. A collaboration that speaks volumes of both brands' commitment to excellence. And with its limited-edition tag, it's more than just a tray – it's a collectible.

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