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Bar-None Glass

RAW Authentic Classic Emperador Cone

RAW Authentic Classic Emperador Cone

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  • Embrace Luxury: RAW Emperador Cone
  • RAW's Majestic Smoking Euphoria
  • The Royal Emperador Cone Experience
  • Premium Cone for the Elite
  • Elevate with Emperador Elegance
  • 8″ in length and can hold 4 grams


Experience Grandeur with Every Drag Behold the magnificence of the Emperador Cone – a smoking experience that's second to none. This majestic cone, with its extended length, caters to those special moments when only the extraordinary will suffice. Delight in an extended session of unparalleled luxury.

Quality and Purity: The RAW Promise

  • Chemical-Free Excellence: Crafted with utmost precision from premium natural fibers, our Emperador Cone is the embodiment of purity, guaranteeing a pristine smoking journey.
  • Signature Slow Burn: With RAW’s distinct crisscross watermark, immerse yourself in a gentle, consistent burn that accentuates the flavors, providing a prolonged, savory experience.

Convenience Meets Sustainability

  • Ready-to-Use Design: Sidestep the fuss with our pre-rolled Emperador Cone. Simply fill, light up, and revel in an unmatched smoking escapade.
  • Earth-Friendly Commitment: Not only is the cone a masterpiece in smoking, but it’s also a testament to RAW's unwavering commitment to the environment. Using renewable energy sources and shunning genetically modified organisms, we’ve intertwined luxury with responsibility.

When life calls for an opulent touch, there's no better companion than the RAW Authentic Classic Emperador Cone. A celebration of class, purity, and sustainability, it's your ticket to an imperial smoking voyage.

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