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Bar-None Glass

RAW Authentic Classic 1 1/4 Black

RAW Authentic Classic 1 1/4 Black

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  • Elevate with RAW Classic Black
  • The Art of Pure Rolling
  • RAW's Authentic Rolling Experience
  • The Natural Choice: RAW Black
  • Unmatched Quality with RAW
  • 50 paper count in each pack


Unparalleled Thinness Experience the epitome of rolling with our ultra-thin RAW Classic Black. Expertly designed to strike the perfect balance between finesse and strength, these papers provide a consistent and smooth burn, giving you the ideal smoking experience.

Commitment to Purity

  • All-Natural Composition: Created from pure, unrefined plant fibers, these papers deliver a slow and even burn every single time.
  • Chemical-Free Promise: Prioritize your health with our unbleached, chlorine-free, and vegan-friendly papers, ensuring a natural, clean smoke with every roll.

Undeniable Authenticity RAW sets the benchmark for authenticity in the rolling world.

  • Signature Branding: The iconic RAW logo on each sheet is more than just a symbol – it's a testament to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.
  • Verify with Ease: Doubtful about the authenticity? Use the QR code on every package to ensure you're getting the genuine product.

Why Choose RAW Authentic Classic 1 1/4 Black? Elevate your rolling ritual with RAW – a brand that embodies purity, authenticity, and quality. For the discerning smoker who values a natural experience, there's no alternative.

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