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Bar-None Glass

Pulsar Super Ball Egg Style Recycler 3 Arm Rig

Pulsar Super Ball Egg Style Recycler 3 Arm Rig

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  • 7.75 inches tall
  • Recycler style dab rig
  • Slitted disc percolator
  • Fab Egg diffuser
  • Pulsar logo
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Includes 14mm male drop-down quartz banger


Optimized Water Filtration for Supreme Smoothness
Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of smooth and efficient dabbing with the Pulsar Super Ball Egg Style Recycler Rig. This marvel of engineering features an egg-style design that not only captivates with its aesthetic appeal but also plays a crucial role in maximizing water filtration. Each inhale is purified and cooled to perfection, delivering hits that are smooth, clean, and incredibly satisfying. Prepare for a dabbing experience that sets new standards in smoothness.

Unmatched Airflow with 3 Arm Perc
At the heart of the Pulsar Super Ball Recycler Rig lies the innovative 3 arm perc, a masterpiece designed to enhance your smoking sessions with unparalleled airflow. This cutting-edge feature ensures a balanced and even draw, amplifying the efficiency of your dabs. The perc's meticulous design works harmoniously with the holey ball diffuser, creating a vortex of vapor that's dense, flavorful, and incredibly potent. Experience the harmony of technology and design with every draw.

Durable Elegance in High-Quality Glass
Crafted from borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability and clarity, the Pulsar Super Ball Recycler Rig stands as a testament to both elegance and resilience. This rig not only boasts a stunning appearance, with its sleek lines and silver Pulsar logo, but also promises longevity and reliability through countless sessions. The included 14mm male drop-down quartz banger complements the rig's design, ensuring compatibility with your favorite accessories and enhancing the overall dabbing experience.

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