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Bar-None Glass

Pulsar Fab Egg Rig

Pulsar Fab Egg Rig

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  • Includes a 14mm quartz banger
  • Smooth Hits Every Time
  • Stylish Borosilicate Glass Rig
  • Advanced Filtration Dab Rig
  • The Connoisseur's Choice


A Symphony of Smoothness and Style
Introducing the Pulsar Fab Egg, a compact powerhouse of cool, frosty clouds that stands at a convenient 7 inches tall. Crafted from the finest borosilicate glass, this dab rig is not just durable; it's a work of art. The intricate bubble lattice design isn't just for looks—it plays a crucial role in cooling down your vapor, ensuring each hit is smoother than the last. Elevate your dabbing sessions with a piece that's as stylish as it is functional, turning every draw into a visually stunning experience.

Innovative Filtration for Ultimate Enjoyment
The heart of the Pulsar Fab Egg lies in its cutting-edge filtration system, featuring a holey egg diffuser and a disc perc. This dynamic duo works tirelessly to filter and cool your vapor to perfection. The holey egg diffuser disperses your vapor through water, increasing its surface area, while the disc perc adds another layer of filtration, ensuring each inhale is purified and smooth. Say goodbye to harsh hits and hello to frosty smooth clouds with every session.

Designed for the Connoisseur
The Pulsar Fab Egg is designed with the discerning dabber in mind. Its compact size and sophisticated bubble lattice design make it a standout piece in any collection, while the included 14mm male banger ensures compatibility with your favorite concentrates. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the world of dabbing, this rig promises an unparalleled experience, combining ease of use with exceptional performance. Make the Pulsar Fab Egg the centerpiece of your collection and savor the frosty smooth clouds it produces.

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