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Bar-None Glass

Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

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  • Peak Pro 3D XL: Bigger, Better Hits
  • Maximize Your Sessions
  • Twice the Vapor, Double the Fun
  • Customize with 3D XL Chamber
  • 3D XL: The Power of More


78% Larger Bowl for Fuller Loads: The Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber redefines the boundaries of e-rig capabilities. With a bowl that's 78% larger than standard models, it invites you to load more and experience more. This high-capacity chamber is designed for those who seek intensity and richness in every session. It's not just about quantity; it's about amplifying the quality of your experience.

Experience Twice the Vapor Production: The 3D XL Chamber isn't just larger; it's more powerful. Engineered to produce twice the vapor, it ensures that each draw is denser, more potent, and more satisfying. This chamber is a testament to the belief that bigger can indeed be better, especially when it comes to savoring the full spectrum of flavors and effects your materials have to offer.

New Level of Vapor Control with Puffco Connect App: The 3D XL Chamber isn't just a piece of hardware; it's a gateway to customization. Integrated with the Puffco Connect app, it unlocks new levels of vapor control, allowing you to tailor your sessions to your precise preferences. Whether you're a flavor chaser or a cloud enthusiast, this chamber gives you the power to fine-tune your experience to perfection.

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