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Bar-None Glass

Galactic Lime Swirl with Cobalt Accents Hand Pipe

Galactic Lime Swirl with Cobalt Accents Hand Pipe

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  • 5″ Galactic Lime Swirl: A Cosmic Delight
  • Embark on a Galactic Smoke Journey
  • A Universe in Your Hand: Lime Swirl Pipe
  • Dazzling Designs: The Ultimate Hand Pipe
  • Smoking with the Stars: Lime Swirl Edition


Galactic Beauty in Every Puff Delve deep into the universe every time you light up the Galactic Lime Swirl Hand Pipe. This masterpiece of craftsmanship doesn't just resemble the vast cosmos in its design but also promises an ethereal smoking experience. The dazzling lime swirls infused with glimmers of distant galaxies are bound to transport you to another dimension, while the cobalt blue accents keep you grounded, adding both beauty and functionality.

A Symphony of Form and Function Every curve, every swirl, every shimmering detail of this pipe is designed with the user in mind. The vibrant cobalt blue accents are not just eye-catching - they're strategically placed to offer the perfect grip. This ensures that your sessions are always comfortable and free from slips. Additionally, the pipe's compact size means you can embark on interstellar adventures wherever you go.

Built to Last: Durability Meets Artistry Made from thick, high-quality glass, this pipe promises not just breathtaking aesthetics but also robust longevity. The deep bowl design allows for ample packing, ensuring longer, uninterrupted sessions. And if that's not enough, the smooth, cooled-down smoke promises a celestial experience every time. It's more than just a hand pipe; it's a blend of art and function, destined to be the centerpiece of any collection.

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