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Bar-None Glass

Dark Crystal Glass CLEAR 24oz

Dark Crystal Glass CLEAR 24oz

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  • Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner
  • Resin-Free in Minutes
  • Safe Accessory Care
  • Non-Toxic Clean
  • Sparkling Finish, Every Time


Crystal-Clear Clarity: The Ultimate Resin Remover

Discover the transformative power of Dark Crystal Glass CLEAR 24oz, the pinnacle of cleaning solutions for your cherished smoking accessories. Revel in the unparalleled ability to restore your glass and metal pieces to their pristine, just-bought shine with a cleanser that’s as safe as it is effective.

Eco-Friendly, User-Safe Innovation

Gone are the days of harsh chemicals and fears of toxic residues. Dark Crystal Glass CLEAR is a revelation in the cleaning sphere with its non-toxic, phosphate-free formula. This cleaner doesn't just promise a spotless finish; it ensures a safer, eco-friendly approach to maintaining your smoking apparatus.

Versatility Meets Efficiency

Whether you're dealing with stubborn resin on a delicate ceramic piece or looking to polish your quartz to perfection, Dark Crystal Glass CLEAR rises to the occasion. This cleaning marvel isn't limited to glass; it excels across a spectrum of materials from acrylic to titanium, ensuring your entire collection benefits from its gentle yet formidable cleaning power.

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