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BLAZER Big Shot GT8000 Torch Limited Edition - Teal/Black

BLAZER Big Shot GT8000 Torch Limited Edition - Teal/Black

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  • BLAZER GT8000: Precision in Every Flame
  • Modern Torch for Modern Tasks
  • The Ultimate Professional's Torch
  • Compact Size, Mighty Performance
  • BLAZER Big Shot: Power in Your Hands
  • Attachable tabletop base included, for hands-free use


Unparalleled Flame Precision Dive into the world of precision with the BLAZER Big Shot GT8000 Torch. Its robust brass flame nozzle ensures a consistent and steady flame, allowing you to work with unparalleled accuracy. Whether you're soldering, brazing, or undertaking any professional task, this torch promises precision like no other.

Designed for the Modern Professional Gone are the days of bulky, unreliable torches. The BLAZER Big Shot GT8000 is not only powerful but also exquisitely portable. Its state-of-the-art engineering is complemented by a detachable base, ensuring that you can take it anywhere and work with confidence. Plus, with its anti-flare design, you can even turn it upside down without a hint of worry.

Extended Burn for Extended Tasks Don't let its size fool you. This compact torch packs a punch with over 35 minutes of high-grade 2500ºF burn time. Whether you're on a long project or multiple short tasks, the BLAZER Big Shot GT8000 ensures you won't be left in the cold. And when it's time to pack up, it fits snugly in your toolbox, ready for the next challenge.

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