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Bar-None Glass

Pulsar Fab Ball Showerhead Puffco Peak Pro Attachment

Pulsar Fab Ball Showerhead Puffco Peak Pro Attachment

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  • Refined Vaping with Pulsar Attachment
  • Advanced Filtration for Peak Pro
  • Elegant Glass, Enhanced Experience
  • Customize Your Puffco Peak
  • Pulsar: Style Meets Functionality


Sophisticated Design Meets Superior Functionality: The Pulsar Fab Ball Showerhead is not just an accessory; it's an upgrade to your Puffco Peak Pro experience. This 4.75" glass attachment, meticulously crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, is the epitome of elegance and functionality. It's designed to enhance your vaping sessions, ensuring each draw is smoother, cleaner, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Innovative Filtration Technology: Experience the difference with the advanced filtration system of the Pulsar Fab Ball Showerhead. Featuring a fab ball diffuser and splash guard, coupled with a showerhead percolator, this attachment is engineered to provide a cleaner, purer draw. The combination of these elements ensures that every inhalation is filtered to perfection, delivering a refined taste and a smoother experience.

Personalize Your Device with Style and Ease: The Pulsar Fab Ball Showerhead offers not only functional superiority but also aesthetic versatility. It allows you to personalize your Puffco Peak or Peak Pro according to your style. Its universal compatibility ensures a seamless fit, making it an effortless addition to your vaping arsenal.

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