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Bar-None Glass

Puffco Joystick Cap - Bloom

Puffco Joystick Cap - Bloom

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  • "Puffco Joystick Cap: Effortless Airflow"
  • "Stainless Steel Dab Cap Innovation"
  • "Flavor Boosting Joystick Cap"
  • "Shatterproof Dabbing Joystick"
  • "Fidget-Friendly Dab Cap"


Precision Airflow for Supreme Satisfaction

Control is at your fingertips with the Puffco Joystick Cap. Designed for discerning dabbers, the 360º directional airflow innovation ensures your concentrates are heated evenly, unveiling the full spectrum of flavors in every cloud.

Durable Design Meets Playful Function

Crafted from shatterproof stainless steel wrapped in silicone, the Joystick Cap combines resilience with a playful edge. Its fidget-friendly nature provides a tactile experience that's as satisfying as it is practical.

Ease of Maintenance: More Time for Enjoyment

Say goodbye to the hassle of sticky, hard-to-clean accessories. The Puffco Joystick Cap's clever design is not just easy to clean, preventing resin buildup, but it also guarantees that you're always ready for action with minimal maintenance.

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