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Bar-None Glass

New Peak Pro - Onyx Black

New Peak Pro - Onyx Black

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  • Experience the Peak Pro Revolution
  • Taste Perfection with Peak Pro
  • Peak Pro: Unmatched Hash Technology
  • Elevate Your Sessions: Peak Pro
  • Peak Pro: A Symphony of Smoothness


Discover the Ultimate Taste Sensation: The New Peak Pro - Onyx is not just a smart rig; it's a revolution in hash technology. Designed for connoisseurs, this premium device ensures that every draw is packed with incredible flavor. Its advanced engineering captures the essence of your favorite strains, delivering a taste experience that's as pure as it is potent. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the scene, the Peak Pro promises a journey of flavor that's simply unmatched.

Elevate Your Sessions with Smart Innovation: The Peak Pro stands out with its single-button interface, making it effortlessly easy to use. But the real magic lies in its deep customization capabilities. Through the Puffco Connect app, you can tailor your sessions to your exact preferences. The patented 3D Chamber is a marvel of engineering, ensuring even heating and maximum vapor production. This is more than a device; it's your personal gateway to peak performance.

Joystick Cap & Laser Cut Perc Slots – A Symphony of Smoothness: Every aspect of the Peak Pro - Onyx is crafted for perfection. The Joystick Cap isn't just an aesthetic delight; it's a functional masterpiece that offers precise control. The laser cut perc slots are a testament to the attention to detail, providing improved water filtration for a smoother, cooler draw. This rig doesn't just perform; it enchants, making every session a luxurious indulgence.

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