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Bar-None Glass

Focus V Aeris

Focus V Aeris

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  • Elevate Your Dabbing Game
  • Pocket-Sized Dabbing Power
  • Effortless Dabbing On-The-Go
  • The Future of Vaporization
  • Experience Portable Perfection

Portable Powerhouse

Discover the ultimate convenience in dabbing with the Focus V Aeris, a marvel of modern technology designed to fit right into your pocket. This device redefines portability without compromising on power. The Aeris, equipped with the innovative Intelli-Core™, is your perfect companion for producing significant clouds wherever you go. Its compact size belies its ability to deliver potent, flavorful vapor from concentrates, making it a game-changer for enthusiasts seeking quality and convenience in equal measure.

Effortless Operation

Ease of use is at the heart of the Aeris experience. Designed for dabbers on the move, this smart vaporizer simplifies the process to a mere few clicks. Turn it on, select your desired setting, and initiate your dabbing session with just two clicks. It's that easy. The Aeris not only promises a hassle-free operation but also ensures a seamless transition for those new to dabbing, while offering the precision seasoned users demand. Its ergonomic design ensures it sits comfortably in your hand, merging sturdiness with sleekness for a user experience that's both satisfying and intuitive.

Unmatched Versatility

The Focus V Aeris is not just any vaporizer; it's a declaration of freedom for dab enthusiasts. Whether you're at home or on the go, the Aeris invites you to enjoy the ritual of dabbing anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. This device stands as the natural evolution of vaporization technology, embodying the convenience, efficiency, and quality that today's consumers demand. It's not just about consuming; it's about experiencing your concentrates in the most refined way possible, with a device that truly rips.

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