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Bar-None Glass

AeroSphere Terp Slurper With Marble

AeroSphere Terp Slurper With Marble

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  • Terp Slurper AeroSphere: Simple & Effective
  • Easy dabbing with AeroSphere
  • Terp Slurper: Smooth, Flavorful Sessions
  • Clear Glass, Clear Results with AeroSphere
  • AeroSphere: Straightforward Dabbing Experience
  • 14mm Male 90°


Simple Design, Great Results The Terp Slurper AeroSphere is easy to use and delivers consistently good results. It's designed to make sure you use all your concentrate without waste. Plus, the clear glass lets you see everything as it happens.

It's All About the Airflow With the Terp Slurper AeroSphere, you get a smooth and flavorful experience. The special marble helps direct the vapor just right. This means you get the best out of your concentrate every time.

See the Action One of the fun parts about using the Terp Slurper AeroSphere is watching your concentrate turn into vapor. The clear glass design lets you see the whole process, making each session a bit more interesting.

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